Newark’s Orange Boardwalk

Following last summer’s opening of Essex County Riverfront Park, Newark’s next segment of riverfront park is nearing completion between Oxford and Van Buren Streets. One of the park’s special elements is an 800-foot-long orange boardwalk built from recycled plastic planks.


Why orange? Many reasons. Here’s a few:

1. Since the boardwalk is made of recycled plastic, it didn’t need to be wood-colored.

2. It’s the color of Weequahic High School.

3. Like a giant safety edge for the city.

4. Some of Newark’s nearest neighbors are East, West, South, and just plain Orange.

5. Like the orange things you see on a construction site, Newark’s riverfront remains a work in progress.

6. Mayor Booker is often photographed wearing his orange tie.

7. Orange is used in color therapy to induce hunger, and there are many delicious things to eat in Newark, from Brazilian hamburgers to Portuguese dry soups to Southern yams & greens to to Caribbean roti to old-school Italian ice cream.

8. In Hindu tradition, orange is the color associated with the second chakra, linked with the element of water.

SneakPeek4  OrangeBoardwalk1
The Orange Boardwalk intersects with the path down from Raymond Boulevard near the Dancing Pavilion.

OrangeBoardwalk5  OrangeBoardwalk3SneakPeak  SneakPeek6  OrangeBoardwalk4  OrangeBoardwalk2

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  1. harvey morginstin February 25, 2013 at 11:09 am

    Great walkway. How about adding some cleats and bumpers for small boats to tie up. Harvey

  2. Michael Baker July 21, 2013 at 3:41 pm

    Way to go Newark and your great mayor. I’ve watched the degradation of the Passaic River since the 40’s. It’s going to change the entire atmosphere of the downtown area.

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